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    Web Break Supervisor

    Product Description

    Web Break Supervisor

    WBS - Automated On Line system for web supervision, detection and analysis of breaks





    - More Sensitive CCD

    - Zone restriction to see only what's important

    -  Pixel binding for a more accurate sensitivity (to see even when light is lacking)


    A web break monitoring system designed to meet all paper machine configurations

    Web breaks always result in unnecessary cost and a waste of time for papermakers.

    The Automated Web Break Supervising system developed by TECHPAP, is the culmination of 30 years experience in papermaking and image analysis.

    The system offers a new modular concept, which complies with virtually all configurations requirements while following specific mill parameters.



    Break analysis window

    As defects are detected  they can be immediately visualized

    Makes it possible to visualize all breaks in a given time to track origins, trends, event time  type.

    The system can visualize all live camera images at once on one screen



    Real time fault detection

    One or several cameras can be dedicated to online defaults analysis :

    • Holes
    • Edge cracks
    • Trim nozzles
    • Flakes

    User Friendly software

    The software is conceived with an emphasis on design simplicity and efficiency. The software interface includes 4 different pages

    • Live monitoring
    • Event analysis
    • Statistics
    • Real time detection

    Product List


    2D Formation Sensor
    Edge Crack Detector
    Web Break Supervisor
    Dirt&Shives Analysis
    Pulp Inspector (PI)
    PI Fiber Morpholgy
    PI Color&Brightness
    PI Freeness
    PI Dirt&Shives
    NIR Moisture & Plastic
    On Line HR3D

    Lab Device

    Fiber&Shive Analyzer - MorFi Neo
    Fiber Wall Thickness
    Laboratory Dirty Analyzer
    2D Formation Sensor
    Mottling Sensor-Kheops
    Fiber Orientation Analyzer
    Paper Stability&Creeping
    Humidity Generator
    Calipack Migration Cell
    Slosh Box
    3D Stick
    Lab HR3D
    Dirt analyser for large size samples

    Lab Equipment

    Dynamic Handsheet Former
    Handsheet Retention Tester
    Laboratory Equipment